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Canada One is a source for business tools including starting a business, a marketing guide, how to boost your sales, HR guides, small business money guides, and a strategic marketing plan builder

Community Futures

The Community Futures Network was established in 1986 by the federal government in response to the severe economic and labour market changes faced by rural Canadian communities. Over the last 20 years Community Futures in BC has played a significant role in entrepreneurial and community development. Comprised of 34 locally and strategically positioned organizations, the BC Community Futures Network has a significant impact on the socio-economic development and diversification of the rural communities it serves.

Good Design Advice

Because sometimes, being your own worst critic is not enough.


Australian design magazine with great resources online for, prototyping, manufacture companies, competitions etc.

Pose Maniacs

Human poses, ergonomics, training tools for drawing. You know how to render a th

Kuler Adobe Color Lab

This is literally a colour lab that allows the user to play with colour combinations and colour theory. It is Extremely didactic and interactive.

Designing Brand Identity: An E...

An excellent resource for brand development - many clear examples and tools.

A List Apart

A great resource for people who make websites. It's a great technical resource, but it also has excellent articles about more conceptual topics. 

CARDOBSERVER: Business Card De...

Another good resource for marketing yourself, your business, making contacts etc: a mega gallery of unique business cards. Go for inspiration or to see how to execute your great card idea.

Design & Emotion Society

This open network welcomes designers to share research papers, projects, and process concerning emotional experience in design.

Multicolr Search Lab

When it comes to visual design briefs and mood boards, this is your new best friend.

IDEO - Method Cards

A 51-card deck to inspire design.

Crib Candy - Design & Arch...

   This is a great website that Phil Robbins showed me. It's a website that posts products and architecture by various international designers.

It's Just Lunch

Many designers are workaholic and often need to find a partner to manage things other than design. 

Small Business BC


Small Business BC is British Columbia's premiere resource centre for knowledge-based business products and services. 

Sucessful and Outstanding Blog...

Highlights writing from guest authors, this article in particular focuses on the 5 hats of design thinking.

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