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Does one thing and one thing well! Super awesome for putting your photos into a fast paced video! Great for snappy presentation. 

In Print

The closest last minute printing place to Emily Carr, no hassle, cheap prices and endless laughs with their insomniatic staff. 


Industrial Design Sketching an...

Website dedicated to sharing free video tutorials on drawing and design sketching skills for industrial designers and illustrators.


Great for vector icons that are creative commons. Especially a wide selection of signage!


A good hosting company, reliable, reletively inexpensive and professional services. 

TED: Ideas worth spreading

You love it, I love, the whole world loves it. Who can get enough TED?


Interesting site on funding creative projects

Packaging | Branding | Sustain...

Great site for ideas around sustainability in Communication Design 

Exhibition Team: Preliminary S...

This is the preliminary survey that we gave out fairly early to all Design grads, allowing the exhibit team a bit more time to figure out what is needed for the show.

Core77 Design Awards

some awesome looking contests.....

Freelance Freedom | FreelanceS...

I'm falling in love with this freelance designer comic strip I found when researching for professional practice. Here's a couple samples:

4th year COM-D Documents

This is a link to all the documents that Jonathan has posted for the 4th year Communication Design students. 


Design and buy custom fabric printed on demand. Create and upload your own textile designs and print only what you need with no minimum order.

Smashing Magazine

This is a terrific online magazine that publishes articles relating to web design and development.

Society for Environmental Grap...

The global community of people working at the intersection of communication design and the built environment.

David Airey - How 20 Designers...

Blogs may be a more informal source than books an articles, but they offer good insight into how things are really done in practice.

Graphic Artists' Guild - ...

The Contract Monitor contains a sample Agreement form for artists and a glossary of contract-related terms which is quite useful, specially when you are trying to wrap your head around all the lega

Artists' Legal Outreach -...

The Artits' Legal Outreach is an organization made up of volunteer lawyers and law students committed to working with artists and arts organizations.

Indexibit - Web Building Tool

A web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound.Its free a

Jukebox Printing

The most amazing print shop on the planet. (not really)

Walsh Plastics Ltd

Paige is using this source to manufacture her acrylic piece for her chair for her grad project.

GOOD magazine

Beautiful example of good design.  Touches on several areas of interest for a design student.  

Lovely Package

Great site to get inspired about branding and packaging design.

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